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Day 2: The Human Burrito

Not feeling it today.

It always happens this way. I made all these plans to be productive and get some things done today, and none of it happened. But, to be fair, when I made all of my plans I didn't realize that today that most wonderful time of the month (<- sarcasm) was going to wake me out of a fitful sleep this morning to say hello. Not only did she say 'hello' but she also seemed to hit my lower stomach repeatedly with a 2x4.

All I wanted to do today was wrap myself up in my blankets like a burrito and drink Diet Pepsi, munch on some peanut M&Ms, and binge watch Bob's Burgers. I did do the burrito thing for most of the day. I also watched a couple seasons of Bob's Burgers. But I'm fresh out of Diet Pepsi and I don't have any M&Ms in the house - peanut or otherwise. I can only shake my head at myself about that. I mean Diet Pepsi and peanut M&Ms are a necessity during times like this. I should have made sure I was well stocked up last week. Ugh! I seriously need to make a pickup order.....

I'm not going to make any more promises to be productive tomorrow. Knowing how things go, I'm well aware that Day 2 for me is almost always just as bad if not worse as Day 1.

So, here's my plan for tomorrow: If I feel up to it, I want to get up and showered early. Then I need to run to the store and stock up on these and a few other necessities I didn't have the foresight to stock up on when I last went to the store. Then I'll come home and commence the human burrito-ing and Bob's Burger's watching. Then hopefully by Thursday I'll feel more like myself and can get busy with all of my plans.

8:03 p.m. - 2020-05-12


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